Radio Silence

I think I told you guys I went to a leadership workshop called the Power Pipeline… One of the discussion topics was "Busy"ness and how people wear busy as a badge or an excuse for not connecting with friends or family or for not listening to their own thoughts. This woman Sarah started talking about her strategy for taking time for herself. She said that she never listens to the radio when she's in the car. She just uses the time to think and be alone with her thoughts. She said that her best ideas came to her during that time in the car. So a thought occurred to me… I always have my best ideas in the bathroom… maybe that's because it's the only place I'm alone with my thoughts. I decided to share my aha moment with the entire room, needless to say people busted out laughing!

The good news is I spend a lot of time in the bathroom… probably why I have so many good ideas! But since this discovery I decided to turn the radio off in the car. Understandably, my commute is short but I do enjoy the time to just think, like my favorite thinker, BeccaBowhead!

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