The Opposite of Indiana Black Expo

So, Clint and I were looking for something to do for a date night this weekend.  We decided to call Kari and Jeremy because we are running out of weekends to have quality time with them before Baby B makes his/her (I think it's a his) entrance into the world.  So they said they were in for dinner and a Clint approved activity on Saturday.  We like to let Clint pick because 1) he usually comes up with something entertaining and 2) If he picks he can't complain about it.  I had given him some ideas, such as a concert at the House of Blues, going to a comedy club or comedysportz, going to Dave and Busters, or seeing if something is going on at Toyota Center.  House of Blues was the Toadies and we only new one song from them, Pauly Shore was at the comedy club, and Toyota Center was empty because Michael Buble was there on Friday, so I figured it would be a dinner and a movie night.  Movie night with the B's is always sketchy as it seems that every movie we have seen at the theater with them ends up being EXTREMELY graphic.  So when Clint said, he Weird Al is playing at the Verizon Wireless Theater, I thought to myself well that's different.  So he called the B's and asked if they were in.  He got off the phone and said they are up to it but I"m not sure they are thrilled about it.  I thought to myself, neither am I.  Of course Clint had checked out some youTubes and reviews of the concerts, and thought we would be pleasantly surprised.  After dinner we walked over to the theater and I realized I'm into this solely for the people watching of the whole thing.  The walk to the concert told me that Weird Al fans pretty much look the same, extremely overweight, facial hair adults and their high school children who happen to be in the A/V club.  There was quite a clash between the people attending the concert and the other patrons of the establishments in Bayou Place.  I was a tad bit embarassed going to the will call window and proving that I was part the the concert crowd.  Once we got into the theater we could not get to our seats due to the longest line I have ever seen of people trying to buy concert t-shirts and merchandise.  Holy smokes, the people watching.  I turned to Clint and the B's and said I'm not sure I've ever felt like a cool kid but I feel like one now.  It turns out I was partially wrong about the "typical Weird Al" fan.  Don't get me wrong, they were all nerds, but there were families with little kids, super skinny high school geeks, my entire IT department, and grandparents.  We had seats in the balcony so we got to look down at the masses and boy did we see some sights.  A guy in full Michael Jackson Beat It attire including the one glove, a girl with the lower half of one leg in a cast had pimped out a razor scooter to get around (you had to see it), and my favorite shirt was the guy wearing a shirt that said Nerd Herd (I sort of wanted it). 

All in all the concert itself was pretty entertaining.  There was no opening act and when he started, he did a medley of pop songs (original lyrics) played polka style with his accordian.  That's what hooked Jeremy as he is Polish and loves Polka music.  He did some original music which was all songs with funny lyrics.  He did a lot of the most famous parodies.  He did costume changes for all the parodies which was really impressive.  So we left totally entertained.  Score another one for Clint being right.

When I got home and read Lisa's tweets from Indianapolis, I realized we had experienced two completely different nights.

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