Last year at Thanksgiving, we had a lot to be thankful for and a lot to be nervous about. We had a positive pregnancy test. Actually we had more like 3 positive pregnancy tests (I wanted to be really sure) and had been to our first ultrasound with Dr. Silverberg. We had both families at our house and I couldn’t think of a better time to tell everyone. Dr. Silverberg had cautioned us that Christmas would be a better time to tell our families as we had not yet hear a heartbeat. So on Thanksgiving with the menfolk on cooking duty, I was upstairs begging Randy via text message to let me tell everyone at dinner. He, ever level-headed, cautioned me that we should really follow “the berg”s advice.

We told our parents first and then told the rest of the family at our Annual Thanksmas celebration with the Tobias’. 


Long before I got pregnant, we signed up for the Warrior Dash with Amy, Clint, Rebecca and Justin. Secretly, I was hoping I would not be able to participate. I got my wish in that we found out I was pregnant the week before the race. I had to come up with a crafty excuse not to run through mud, jump over fire etc because we were telling people yet. This year we all did a much different race together on Marley’s 4 month birthday. Amy, Clint and Justin ran and Rebecca, Randy, Marley and I walked the Lil’ Longhorn 5K benefitting the UT Elementary School Healthy Family Initiative. 




Baby in the Bathroom
One of our favorite games is who’s that baby in the bathroom. It goes something like this:


As you know, Marley Gras is a semi-official nickname for Marley 

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