Bye bye gatti’s


On Friday, I was reading the statesman online I read that Gatti’s… My Gatti’s is closing! I sent a link to Annie and Randy with the subject line: are you f’ing kidding me? All I could think was where will I go when I need to over eat?!?!?

On Saturday this topic came up at breakfast with shun and alison. Alison informed me that chic fil a is going into Gatti’s spot. Well, that sure turned my frown upside down!

On Sunday, my husband, who really gets me (most of the time) suggested we go for one last gorge at the buffet. We took marley for her first and last trip to Gatti’s! I always thought it would be a place that she would love and I was right. Strangers, constant movement, burnt orange walls and the continuous sound of ice filling plastic cups and her favorite food: pizza crust!

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