Better Thanks Than Never

Now that Christmas and my birthday are over, it is time for thank you notes. I decided to sit down and write them during the National Championship since I don’t have a dog in this fight. I found some cards in a box, got my best pen and a book of stamps and plopped down at the coffee table. The first two were done before kick-off and I was in an appreciation writing groove. As I checked people off my list, I came to Mr. Chuck and Ms. Beth. I opened the next blank card to a nice little surprise. I read, “Dear Mr. Chuck and Ms. Beth…” and thought, “did I already write their thank you note but forgot?”. I kept reading, “…for the necklace and purse.” Nope. This is not a note for this year’s present, or last year’s or even the year before. I believe this was from 2006. After a good laugh I decided to get back to writing a note for this year’s present. I picked up another card only to find a note to Meme and Papa inside. More chuckling. I opened a third to find a note to Aunt Sue. A fourth to The Darnell’s and a fifth to Uncle Jerry and Aunt Audrey. The sixth note is by far my favorite because it is Clint’s. I decided to edit it and send it as this year’s note. I included a picture below of the note with my edits. It is surprisingly relevant! The best part is that it must have been at the beginning of the relationship because I didn’t put “Love,” at the end.


Amy, you should be getting it the mail shortly. I plan on including the incredibly tardy notes with this year’s note for everyone else. Like they say, better 5 years late than never.

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